Rules and Regulations

Topsail Sound RV Park Rules and Regulations


  1. Recreational vehicle must be less than 10 years old to come into the park.
  2. Lots must be kept free of debris including cigarette butts and animal waste. Clotheslines are not permitted.
  3. Dumpsters are for bagged household trash only. Construction debris may be taken to landfill on Old Folkstone Road or taken home with you.
  4. No items are to be left on the grass; including bikes, hoses, lawn furniture, rugs, etc. so as not to impede mowing. Fencing is not permitted. All water, electrical and cable lines must be buried 3 to 6 inches deep and sewer pipe must be solid PVC.
  5. Do not put any oil, grease or other non-degradable materials in sewer.
  6. RV is restricted to your leased lot only. Do not go behind or beside electrical pole. Behind pole is a utility easement and beside pole is your neighbor’s lot or a common area.
  7. Parking is limited to your lot only. Please be respectful and do not park on a neighbor’s lot or a vacant lot. Roadside parking is prohibited. Additional parking is available for a small fee. Parking passes must be visible at all times while in the park.
  8. Main water valve must be turned off outside the RV when you leave to go home. If water loss occurs, Lessee will be assessed a minimum $50 charge. Lessees using sprinkler systems or excessive water will be assessed an additional fee.
  9. Pets must be up to date on vaccinations. Pets must always be on a leash while in the park. Pets may not be left outside unattended. Pet waste MUST be bagged and disposed of.
  10. Alcoholic beverages must be confined to Lessee’s lot. The display of alcoholic beverages is prohibited. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in any common area including pool, main building, shelter, play areas and roadways.
  11. Any offensive activity including excessive drinking, underage drinking, illegal drug use, foul or abusive language, etc. will not be tolerated.
  12. Quiet Hours are 11:00 pm to 7:00 am in your RV as well as the park.
  13. Parents are responsible for the actions and safety of their children. Anyone under the age of 18 must be on their lot by 10 pm and must be accompanied by their parent or grandparent when in the Recreation Room.  Bicycle helmets are the law.
  14. Guests must register at the office upon arrival and Lessee is responsible for their guests conduct at all times.
  15. Speed Limit is 10 mph in the park. Please watch for children playing and people walking.
  16. Golf carts must be driven by licensed drivers only. Golf carts must be electric and have working lights. Golf carts are not allowed on drain fields (including playground) or in utility easements (behind your camper). Carts are restricted to paved roads only. Lessee is responsible for all damage caused by golf cart. Please display your lot number on cart.
  17. Pool is open during the month of May and closes in the month of September, 9am until dusk. Swim at your own risk.  There are no lifeguards.  Children 14 and under must be accompanied at the pool by an adult.  No food or drink allowed except bottled water.  Please use the tables under the shelter or outside the pool fence line to eat, drink or smoke.
  18. In the interest of security for all residents, do not give your gate pass to anyone. All contractors, guests, etc. must sign in at the office before entering the park. No food delivery drivers are permitted in the park. You must meet them in the office parking lot.
  19. All site improvements must be approved by management prior to construction or placement on the site including decks, additions, storage buildings, etc. and must comply with all local, state and federal codes or regulations. Washers and dryers are only allowed in campers that have manufacturer installed hook-ups. Do not altar the electrical box in any way. No more than 500 sq ft of the lot can be covered by impervious surface. If 500 sf is exceeded, a charge of $5 per additional sf will be assessed. This amount will be determined by the size of your RV, your building dimensions and permanent cover. Management will be the one who measures and determines the 500 sq ft.  Covered or screen porches and storage shed outside frame must be vinyl or aluminum.  All decks or improvements including steps, must be no wider than 10 feet and no longer than the RV box.  Storage building dimensions may not exceed 10 ft  by 10 ft.  Neutral colors are mandatory.  Professional installation is required unless otherwise specified by Lessor.
  20. All annual RV’s must be underpinned in white vinyl. Underpinning installation must be bordered with timber (3”minimum).  Decks may only be underpinned with wood or vinyl. No lattice is allowed.  The tenant agrees to have decking and underpinning completed within first year of possession of site.  Removal of unapproved material is required to take place within thirty days of date of written notice by Lessor.
  21. Park model air conditioning units must be set on an all weather pad on your lot, not on any easement area behind your park model.
  22. Lessee is responsible for all electrical charges from Jones/Onslow Electrical Membership Corporation to their site. Alteration of electrical box is not permitted.
  23. Use of firearm, weapon or fireworks is prohibited. Camp fires are permitted in well protected fire pits only.
  24. Lessee acknowledges and represents that Lessee’s recreational vehicle shall not be used as a permanent residence and that said recreational vehicle will only be used as a temporary living quarters.
  25. Topsail Sound RV Park reserves the right and Lessee acknowledges Park’s right to discharge any campers not abiding by the park rules and regulations or lease. No refunds will be given.